“We see a lot of landscape, and think of a lot of thoughts. 
The thoughts re-construct another scape. 
People, nature, and city.
In the many scenes we see and feel, what does the machine think?”


"NEUROSCAPE" is a combination of the words "neuro" and "landscape," which means memories-scape restructured by artificial neural networks. New Media Artist Park Seung-soon and Algorithmic Developer Lee Jong-pil, developed a system that automatically maps the corresponding sound/image, after analyzing the natural or urban scenery image with artificial intelligence algorithm. Users capture the desired scenes and transfer them to the server PC. It is then computed by a deep-learning image analysis algorithm. The system interacts with the six images and sounds that are most relevant to the selected image. It generates a kind of audio/visual collage artwork in real time. This artwork aims to raise a fundamental question on the "coexistence of humans and technology."


What can we think about more?

Park Seungsoon & Lee Jongpil


GAS 2017 Exhibition

Supported by
Ministry of Science and ICT
Korea Foundation for The advancement of Science & Creativity