Seungsoon Park (a.k.a. RADIOPHONICS)

Seungsoon Park is an electronic music composer (a.k.a. Radiophonics) creating a variety of new media contents and also one of the co-founders of the art collective ‘IDEAN’. He explores how a human being interacts with nature or the universe through music. He is now studying at the Graduate School of Culture and Technology at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He is pursuing the "3.0 Generation of Music," which he defines as "a generation in which music is not only listened to by the public but is also created by the public.” As the electronic music composer of ‘Radiophonics’, he creates music pieces based on concepts like the physics of the universe, natural phenomena, and contemporary philosophy. As a new media creator, he has developed several interfaces and installations using water, light,and sound to create or experience music--not only for musicians but also for audiences.



M.S. in Culture Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, 2017
B.F.A. in Arts & Management, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, 2012

<W.W.W.>, IDEAN, 2015
IDEAN Compilation Vol.1 <PLAYING CARDS>, IDEAN, 2014
<Life Particles(Rework)>, IDEAN, 2014
<Nexus Remix>, IDEAN, 2013
<Nexus>, IDEAN, 2013
<Cosmos>, 2010

Selected Performances and Projects
<Poetic Theater> Co-Director, Wooran Foundation, Seoul, 2018
<Dream Time> Composer, National Theater Company of Korea, Seoul, 2017
<Invitation: Mr.Kim> Composer,  PLATFORM-L, Seoul, Korea, 2017
<Voice> Composer, National Theater Company of Korea, Seoul, 2016
<Phase>, Chris&Christy, Seoul, 2016
<LX1. CHROMATIC SCAPE>, Project Box SEEYA, Seoul, 2016
<Papaver Somniferum>, La Maison Didier Dubot, Seoul, 2016
<Invitation> Composer, Wooran Foundation, Seoul, 2016
<NEIN FEST 1> Co-Director & Performer, IDEAN, Seoul, 2016
<PLATFORM-L Opening Reception>, PLATFORM-L, Seoul, 2016
<DEPENDENT VARIABLE>, Alley Sound, Seoul, 2016
<Forest of Sound> Composer, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, 2015
<AQUAPHONICS V1>, 7th World Water Forum, Daegu/Gyeongju, 2015
<The Liar> OST Co-Composer, Busan International Film Festival, Busan,2014
<Girls in ICT Day> 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, Seoul, 2013

Selected Group Exhibitions
<Zer01ne Day>, Zer01ne, Seoul, 2018
<Ars Electronica: Future Innovation Summit>, Ars Elecrtonica FIS, Linz, 2018
<International Computer Music Conference>, Art Factory, Daegu, 2018
<Daejeon Biennale: Artist Project>, KAIST Vision Hall, Daejeon, 2018
<Platform Artist 2018>, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2017
<Sense of Rhythm>, Wooran Foundation, Seoul, 2017
<Getting Arty with Science 2017 III>, Platform-L,  Seoul, 2017
<Getting Arty with Science 2017 II>, SEMA Gallery, Seoul, 2017
<Getting Arty with Science 2017 I>, KINTEX, Ilsan, 2017
<Tell Us Your Stories>, IAP, Incheon, 2017
<Goodness Culture: Life Ideologies from Batik>, Nonbat Gallery, Heyri, 2017
<Incheon Art Platform 8th Preview>, IAP, Incheon, 2017
<4th Korea-Indonesia Media Installation Art>, Galeria Fatahillah, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016
<Wooran Special Exhibition ‘Flat Form : Gyubang’>, Project Box SEEYA, Seoul, 2016
<Davinci Creative 2015>, Geumcheon Art Space, Seoul, 2015
<HCI KOREA 2015 Creative Award>, Grand Hilton, Seoul, 2014

『NEUROSCAPE: Soundscape Design Based on Multimodal Connections of Deep Neural Networks』, KAIST, 2018
『Sound Branding R&D Project for Sejung』, Sejung Corporation & KAWF, 2016
『AQUAPHONICS V2 Documentation <W.W.W.>』, IDEAN, 2015
『Weight of Thoughts』, Cotton Field, 2013

Awards and Grants
Seeya Stage: People, Wooran Foundation, 2018
Getting Arty with Science 2017, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, 2017
ICT-Culture & Arts Contest, National Information Society Agency, 2016
DAVINCI CREATIVE, Seoul Foundation for Arts Culture, 2015

Invited Talks
TEDxSinchon, Seoul, 2013
Social Media Week, Seoul, 2013

ACC_R Residency, Gwangju, Korea
Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea


Photograph © Wooran Foundation

Photograph © Wooran Foundation